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Alimpertis Alexandros

He is born in Athens, in 1982, and he is graduated from a Technical Secondary School. From a very young age he was taught the techniques of the Greek Puppet Theater by his father the puppeteer Giorgos Stefanos Alibertis. When he was 15 years old he studied the art of Hagiography (portable icons and wall painting) near the Hagiographer Angelos Alibertis, his brother, and then followed lessons at the Macedonian School.
Some of his compositions can be found at:
1. The Church of Saint Mary of Helidonou, and the Church of Michael & Gabriel located at the school of the Greek Police (ex gendarmerie)
2. The Church of Transfiguration at Glyka Nera (the diocese of Mesogaia & Lavreotiki)
3. The Chapel of St Andrew (Monastery Dependency of the Pendelis Monastery), at Mati, Attica
It is the hagiographer of the military church of St Barbara at the Moshonas camp 114 TE in Samos.
Since 2006 he is a member of the Panhellenic Union of Hagiographers.
From 17/4/07 onwards he is employed at the “RESEARCH UNIVERSIY INSTITUTE OF SPIRITUAL WELFARE” teaching Hagiography to patients.
He ha sa workshop in Ambelokipi, 20 Lakonias str., PC 11523, Athens.


Lakonias 20
11523 ATHENS


Phone Number 1: 210 6917939
Mobile Number: 6974352250
Email-Pasya: alibertisa@pasya.gr

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