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Gidopoulou Leonia

I was born in Marseille in France and grew up in the island of Rhodos. I come from a family of artists and iconographers. I studied art, history of art, Byzantine iconography and theology of icons in many institutions, between them the “Goulandris-Horn” Foundation, the Hellenic Centre of Art and Culture, the Ellinidon Lyceum. I have also studied privately, close to great masters, among them the iconographers Fr Stamatis Skliris, Christos Liondas, and artists Lor. Karpathakis, Dimitris Pharmakopoulos, Alkis Ginis and Kostas Kallinikos. I have obtained degrees in the subjects of portable and wall-icon painting and fresco. I am a member of the Panellenic Union of Iconography Painters and the Chamber of Arts of Greece. I am a member of many other artistic associations.

My portable icons can be found in many churches. I have iconographed the church of the Holy Cross in the Kliston Monastery in Chassia. Icons and paintings of mine are also exhibited in the art gallery of the Literary Association “Parnassos”, as well as in private collections in Greece and abroad.

I have presented my work in the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, in Parnassos (twice), in the hotel “Posidonion” in the island of Spetses, in the Art gallery “Floraki” in Piraeus. I have also taken part in pan-hellenic art-exhibitions and contests, where I obtained many prizes (prizes in pan-hellenic art exhibitions of Parnassos, in 1991-1992, first prize in 1998). I have taken part in many group exhibitions, among other, the cultural Olympiads (honorary degree from the third cultural Olympiad in 1998). In May 2004, I participated in a group exhibition in the municipal cultural centre of Galatsi.

Many colleagues artists and many critics have commented and praised my work with articles in newspapers and journals, among them the sculptor Kostas Valsamis, the painter Kostas Evrygenis, the critics Vasos Koundouridis and Kyriakos Valavanis (articles in the newspaper “Eleftheri Ora”, 17-11-1995, 28-5-1999), the scholar George Stamatiou, repeatedly, in the artistic column of the Spetses newspaper. Konstantine Agapitidis (chairman of association of people from Symi island) has often reported in my work in the newspaper “To Symaiko Vima”. The art-journal “Kouarios” dedicated an entire issue to my work (25th-26th issue, 2001).

I have taught iconography for many years in the youth-centre of the church of Saint Andreas at Ano Patisia-Lambrini.

I always strive to improve the quality of my work.


Ekavis 60


Phone Number 1: 210 2923301
Email-Pasya: gidopoulou@pasya.gr

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