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Vrachnos Dimitrios

Born in 1973. He graduated from the Τ.Ε.Ι. Of Athens, Faculty of Arts and Applied Arts, Department of Architecture, Interior Architect and Decoration. Has specialized in byzantine hagiography - mural and mosaic with teachers: Achoulia P., Kordis G., Gratsia s D., Golfinopoulos A., Mistakas E.
Since 2000 with
Paraskevi G. Achoulia - hagiographer , create a permanent showroom and a workshop "Agiografeion" Iconographic Byzantine Art House, in Peristeri, with basic object b yzantine painting and d ecorating churches, hagiography of Byzantine icons and mosaics construction.


Aristotelous 84 str.
12132 Peristeri


Phone Number 1: 302105741639
Mobile Number: 6977534275
Fax Number: 302105741639
Website: http://www.agiografeion.gr
Email-Pasya: vrachnos@pasya.gr
Email-Personal: agiografeion@gmail.com

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