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Panourgias Dimitrios

Dimitris Panourgias was born in Lamia, Greece, in 1975. He has been occupied with Hagiography since he was 16. He has served his apprenticeship with Panagiotis Bergetis, while during the years 1996 -1998 he. studied graphic arts, a free-hand sketch and colouring matter at University of Newcastle at the department of Arts and Drawing.
He has decorated the Holy Temples of St. Haralambous (Rahes), St. Nicholas (Ptilea), St.Konstantinos and Heleni (Megali Kapsi), St. George (Geraklio -Domokos) and others.
The manner he follows is. the Wide Macedonian as well as the Paleologios with elements of renewal. While painting he uses the traditional technique of tempera with burnished gold on curved wood. Wall-painting takes place directly or on a canvass with powder or acrylics

Zakynthou 35
70014 LAMIA



Phone Number 1: 22310 34197
Mobile Number: 6947 700559
Email-Pasya: panourgias@pasya.gr

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