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Lellou Georgia






9 P.Hiliadi str. Elefsina 19200

site : www.lellou.gr

e-mail : gelellou@yahoo.gr

tel : 0030-6977186389



Born in Athens. Studied free drawing and Byzantine hagiography. Is a member of the Chamber of Arts of Greece.

Is a professional hagiographist, drawer of portal pictures and temple frescoes artist since 1990. Her works are in private collections temples and monasteries in Greece and abroad. Has taken part in many personal and group exhibitions.

In 2002 cooperated with the publishing house “Saitis” for the illustration of holy persons and holy cases of the Orthodox hagiology.


9 P.Hiliadi Str.


Mobile Number: 6977186389
Website: http://www.lellou.gr
Email-Pasya: gelellou@yahoo.gr
Email-Personal: info@lellou.gr

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