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Zisimopoulou Dionysia

She was born in Eleysis in 1969.

She has finished her studies as a infant school teacher in Patra’s University from where has graduated in 1993.

For a period of four years, studies Byzantine Paintings first at St.Paraskevi Mandra of Attiki and then continued on St.George Metropolis in Eleysis, and finaly graduated with Honour from Respected Archibishop Of Megara and Salamis Vartholomeo.
She has taken part in three topical exhibitions during her studies with participation in September of 1999 in Aeschilia. (Topical Festival in Eleysis).

Since 2001 she has been working as an Agiographer in her own workshop in Eleysis with specialisation in wooden portable Byzantin icon, and items of her work are found in the Churches of her city, in orthodox churches abroad (St.Nicolaos in U.S. of America twin towers) also in many private collections.
From April 2004 is a member of PaSyA.


Georgiou Paylou 8 Str.



Phone Number 1: 2105547565
Mobile Number: 6977236452
Email-Pasya: zisimopoulou@pasya.gr

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