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Mpiazis-Sentis Nikolaos

Biazis - Sendis Nikos : Born on Zakynthos island. He has studied electronics engineering while the years 1988 - 89 attended Hagiography and Art classes.
 From 1989 to 1993 he worked as an apprentice in Mr Ioannis Tsolakos' and Mr Haralambos Giatras' workshops.

Since 1994 he has been the owner of a workshop and he has selected as technique of expression the Ionian religious art.

Nikos Biazis has painted the wall painting of Zakynthian churches, local and private chapels.
He has also painted pictures for temples situated in his birthplace and temples situated in either other cities of
Greece or abroad.

 Participation in collective exhibitions:
1989: Hagiography exhibition (Zakynthian Cultural Centre)
1999: Hagiography exhibition (Zakynthian Cultural Centre)
2004: DEPAZ -Platyforos
2007: IONIAN exhibition         (Cultural Centre of Lefkada)
2008: IONIAN exhibition         (Cultural Centre of Lefkada)
Mr Biazis has also worked for the
municipality of Zakynthos and has participated in the illustration of books written by Zakynthian authors.   

In 2006 he received an award by the Zakynthian Authorities.
His work has been published in local papers and magazines.  


Agiou Dionysiou 60


Phone Number 1: 26950 42274
Mobile Number: 6944503589
Email-Pasya: mpiazis@pasya.gr

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