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Tzora Stavroula

Her love for drawing made her drawing copies of various drawings from known artists from early age. In the age of 18 studied linear and free draw in the institute “Plaka” in Athens and later in the institute “ABC” through correspondence. She was taught the Byzantine art by the hagiographist Lekka Christos and with the help of books from various artists like Kontoglou. Has drawn and decorated temples in Peloponnesus, Attica and other temples in the Greek area.

The first personal exhibition was in the cultural center of Agios Fanourios in 1991 drawings (landscapes, portraits, Byzantine and renaissance hagiographies). The second exhibition was in 1994 in the institute “Evelpidon” in Athens. Has taken part in a group exhibition in New York of USA and in Melbourne of Australia.

There is one of her works in the municipality of Artemisia in the prefecture of Mesinia. Has taken part in group exhibitions in Zapio. She is a member of the Pan – Hellenic company of Speech and Art located in Athens and takes part in exhibitions that are organized from time to time. Has been awarded from the International Company of Greek Literature that is also a member. Has also been awarded from the friends of classical sport association “Olimpias”. Is also a member of the Pan – Hellenic Union of Hagiographists located in Athens and is a member of the board of directors. Has also taken part in the exhibitions that were organized by the Διαδημοτική Έκθεση Εικαστικών Τεχνών Δυτικής Αθήνας (Δ.Ε.Ε.Τ.Δ.Α.)


Byzant. Aftokratoron 10 Str.
13121 ILION


Phone Number 1: 2105719641
Mobile Number: 6978660665
Website: http://www.tzora.gr
Email-Pasya: tzora@pasya.gr

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