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Politaki Maria

            Maria  Politaki was born in Crete.  She is a graduate of the Athenian Technological Institute  (DoxiadisSchool) of the maintenance and restoration of works of art section.


            During the decade of 1970 - 1980  she worked as an employee of the Ministry of Culture, in creating exact copies for the needs of the Archeological Service and in maintening and restoring wall - paintings and icons.


            At the same time and since then, she worked with painting icons for churches and private collections in Greece and abroad, (France, Germany, United States of America, Italy, Great Britain, Holland).


            She has been often asked to paint original subjects. Such sample of her work is the series of Saints from Crete, which adorn the Chapel of Sain Titos in Heraklion, in which the skull of Saint Titos is kept.


            She took part in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


            Individually she has exhibited her work in New York and Pitsburg. Also in Athens in the Cultural Centre of Paleon Psychico, in Corfu (Palace of Michael - Georgios), in Leukada (Karyes) and in Gallery Beermann in Argolida.


Norntaou 2 kai Valtinon
11474 GKYZI


Phone Number 1: 210 6442992
Mobile Number: 6973891660
Email-Pasya: politaki@pasya.gr

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