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Panailidis Sotirios

He was born in Katerini – Pieria.
He has graduated at the Multisectorial Lyceum with specialization in applied arts. Being an excellent student, he was elected by the Pieria prefecture to attend Graphic – Design lessons at Thessaloniki school, from which he received a Specialization diploma. He went to Mount Athos where he had been attending icon-painting lessons for two years. In his background there are three individual and over 35 group exhibitions.
In 2002 he undertook the position of director of the Pictorial Sector of Balkan Youth Festival. He participates in many International artists meetings abroad.


Since 1996 he has been teaching icon painting at Spiritual Center of I.M. Citrus Katerini and Platamonas. For two school years (1999-2000 and 2000-2001) he had been teaching icon painting at the O.A.E.D. (Greek Manpower Employment Organization) He has worked on iconography of more than 15 churches and has painted icons for ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew, for the patriarch of Serbia Paul, for the Prime Minister Mr. Constantine Caramanlis, for the press minister Mr. Theodore Rusopulos, for the prince of Serbia his majesty Tomislav Karadjordzevich.

Thessalonikis 12 Str.



Phone Number 1: 23510 78318
Phone Number 2: 23510 20919
Mobile Number: 6932989190
Email-Pasya: panailidis@pasya.gr

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