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Palamidis Nikolaos

He is a member of the Greek Chamber of fine Arts.     

Since 2000 he has settled in his own art studio and works both for commissions or personal projects in varius fields of art such as hagiography, painting, sculpture and jewellery making.

He has worked as an assistant to the hagiographers Costas Georgacopoulos (in the   church   of   Saint Nikolaos   of Patissia), Manolis Girgilakis (Saint Andrew in Labrini), Ioannis Palamidis (   University of the Society of the Friends of people,    Panellenic Union of Theologians,    Saint Nectarios in Ekali and Saint George of   Chios    in Dionisos).

His work is to be found in the chapel of the University of the Society of the Friends of people, in the chapel of the Panellenic Union of Theologians, in the   church   of   Saint George   of   Chios   in Dionisos and in various private collections.

More information about his artwork can be found at his website: www.artpalamedes.com



6 Theofilopoulou Str.
11743 Ν. ΚΟSΜΟS


Phone Number 1: 210 9218583
Mobile Number: 6945 659271
Website: http://www.artpalamedes.com
Email-Pasya: palamidisn@pasya.gr
Email-Personal: originstudio@yahoo.com

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