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Mpousis Sotirios

Sotiris Boussis was born in Germany in 1973. He studied at the hagiography school of Constantinos Georgiadis in Thessaloniki. He also was a student of the distinguished hagiographer Constantinos Tsalsavidis.

He lives in Igoumenitsa of Thesprotias where he works as a professional hagiographer in his private atelier. One can find his work in many churches in the prefecture of Thesprotias and in private collections in Greece and abroad (USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Jerusalem).

He took part in a team exhibition of drawing and hagiography in theIntellectual Center of Igoumenitsa in 1998.

Kyprou 163


Phone Number 1: 26650 26606
Mobile Number: 6972607472
Email-Pasya: bousis@pasya.gr

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