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Mourlas Dimitrios

Born in Piraeus in 1950, started to study from young age in an iconography workshop, AS the years passed, in 1960 I became a member of Greek iconographers Association.
Later in 1986 I was elected as a member of Board of directors and in 1988 in position of General Secretary of Board, in which I was elected since 2000 where I was elected as the President till today.

In 1993 I became member of Greek Fine Arts Commissariat (in Decoration department) and I participated in 10 major exhibitions organized by Greek Iconographers Association and 7 other events and exhibitions organized by others as churches , Municipal events etc. In 1983 I was participating in Paris Grand Pallais Art salon in Paris, an event organized by the French Artists organization.

Later in 1994-1995 I became a member of the Qualification Board of Greek Fine Arts Commissariat and from 1996 till today a member of Decoration department committee, in 1997 I began teaching iconography classes as Professor and Director of Byzantine iconography School of N. Ionia and Philadelphia Church.

Parnithos 4 Str.


Phone Number 1: 210 2523046
Phone Number 2: 210 2852041
Mobile Number: 6942417119
Email-Pasya: mourlas@pasya.gr
Email-Personal: dimitriosmourlas@yahoo.com

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