Iconographers Members

Dimitrelos Ilias

Email-Pasya: dimitrelos@pasya.gr
Street: Gortynos 5
Zip: 16777
Country: GREECE
Phone Number 1: 2109610210
Mobile Number: 6946060012
Fax Number: 2109610296

It was born in Mannheim of Germany in 1966.
Since 1984 til today he works as assistant of Mr Christos Liondas as collaborator.
His professional life started in 1989.
He is Member of Chamber of Figurative Arts Greece, Pan-Hellenic Association of Iconographers and International Association of Art.
The painting palettĪµ decorates Holy Temples and Abbeys, as well as private collections with portable pictures, murals, micrographies and portraits.
At the same time he takes care of and publishes books and pictures.
His articles are published in the daily and periodical Press about the Art of Iconography.
He also attend Pan-Hellenic and international conferences.
He was Chairman of Management of Decorative Chamber and Hagiography and Cashier of Administrative Council (2006-2010).

He is presently the Chairman of Pan-Hellenic Association of Iconographers since 2010